4 Amazing Virtual Reality Movies 360

Virtual Reality Movies 360

If you’re a movie fanatic, or you just can’t live without enjoying some amazing films from time to time, there’s some good news. Today, with ever-growing technology, you can enjoy virtual reality movies. That way, you can access all angles, and learn something new every time you watch the movie. With this in mind, there are some amazing 360 virtual reality movies you can try out to enjoy the exhilarating experience.

Virtual Reality Movies 360 Benefits
Virtual Reality Movies 360 Benefits

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It’s no doubt that imagination transcends time and space restrictions. That said, what a better way to calm your nerves than winding down to your favorite movies? Invasion is one such interesting, fun-filled movie. This Emmy-award winning film involves child-like imagination at an elevated extent. Some aliens set out on a weird mission to take over the world – but once they set things in motion, they meet two little bunnies. This unexpected twist spices up the movie. Not forgetting, watching it in virtual reality is an out-of-the-world experience.

It Float

If you’re an avid fan of horror movies, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Stephen King. He is a master in stringing together horror-filled stories – and his work still beats the test of time. Float is a film that interestingly retells his story. The virtual reality film will seamlessly draw you into the characters’ world where you’ll see and experience everything they’re going through. Spoiler alert: this movie isn’t for young kids or faint hearts. Just brace yourself for some horrific, yet enthralling experience!

The Invisible Man

This movie is hands down interesting; thanks to its amazing stunts and enthralling plot. It entails the story of two low-level drug dealers who engage in some dubious deals, and gain some traction. They hide the drugs in a barn and try as hard as they can to conceal them from the public eye. However, they experience some trouble when a debt owed to Frank gets serious, and some issues begin cropping up. The good thing is: if you’re not a good fan of dilemma, rest assured that this movie will not leave you at crossroads. All your questions will be sufficiently answered

Ashes To Ashes

This is not the typical movie you’d expect. This fascinating 360 virtual reality movie involves a captivating plot of a dysfunctional family trying to come to terms with the loss of a grandfather whose wish was to be burned upon death. Since the story shows some behind-the-scenes arrangements, you’ll position yourself as a passive observer. Remember, you have to be strong hearted to watch it to the end. And to top it all off, since it’s virtual reality, prepare for some close-to-reality feel.

Virtual Reality Movies 360 Range
Virtual Reality Movies 360 Range

Winding Up

If you’re a beginner, 360 Virtual reality movies are immersive than traditional films. Besides being deeply immersed in the films, you’ll experience an amazing feel. Just watch out: some horror movies will seem real!

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