Best Vr Applications To Understand Virtual Reality I Amazing Fact

Best Vr Applications To Understand Virtual Reality

Best Vr Applications To Understand Virtual Reality

For more than three years, Google has supported 360º and VR content through the options that were being implemented in the audiovisual platform. Today, YouTube engineers have developed a coding process with which the quality of Virtual Reality videos is improved, thus reducing errors in videos, a greater investment is achieved.

Sony, HTC, Movistar or Google are some of the companies that add to this trend. These are the best VR applications in the market.

Tilt Brush

Best Vr Applications To Understand Virtual Reality
Best Vr Applications To Understand Virtual Reality

Tilt Brush is the best Virtual Reality application for virtual painting studio with which you can experience drawing in 3D and live an experience of total artistic immersion. With HTC Vive the user can choose from a wide range of colors and formats, or add three-dimensional animations created previously by the application.

Star Map

Look and see the rings of Saturn or feel the thrill of floating through space. Stars, planets, and constellations inside the house. Through your virtual reality glasses, this real-time simulation allows you to explore the entire solar system without leaving the room.

Storyboard Vr

Storyboard VR is the best Vr application for architects, artists, and creators. A prototyping tool that allows users to use their skills to imagine and visualize experiences in virtual reality. Along the same lines, ARki, a reality visualization service, increases architectural models in real time. It incorporates AR technology into the architecture by providing 3D models

Ikea Vr

The Swedish company application lets you know what your dream kitchen would be like. The motion tracking technique offers us the opportunity to walk and visualize our future kitchen. This app helps us to check if the height of the doors or cabinets will be suitable for family and friends. In short, an effective way to interact with future buyers.

Campfire Creepers

Future Lighthouse is currently working on the production of a horror series for Facebook in VR format. To do this, they operated with various 4K cameras and had the latest technology based on Intel® Core processors in 12K to assemble all images.

Similarly, another of his creations, ‘Save time’ , has been part of the transmedia universe of the series “The Ministry of Time”, a story that integrates and complements the contents of its third season. Created with stereoscopic techniques and binaural sound, the experience (about 10 minutes long) allows viewers to face an interactive test to become time officials in a completely immersive environment.

Real Madrid Vr

The Real Madrid team has described it as “an exclusive Madrid experience in the first person”. Even so, we will have to wait to see if we will have 360º training videos, VR press conferences, the preview of the matches or the best plays in VR.

This Real Madrid channel will be hosted on The Dream VR platform with which it collaborates, being the only one that has a native player for 360-degree content and patented and proven VR for its proper operation.

Vr Chat

Best Vr Applications To Understand Virtual Reality
Best Vr Applications To Understand Virtual Reality

A revolution, VR Chat is a multiplayer game focused on creating characters to socialize with people from all over the world in a digital environment. However, we must be very careful, it is a universe completely open to surrealism and freedom; but, in turn, the lack of control and the difficulty of moderating the platform can lead to new forms of harassment.

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