Difference Between 3D Virtual Reality And 3D Movies I Amazing Fact

Difference Between 3D Virtual Reality And 3D Movies

Difference Between Virtual Reality And 3d Movies
Difference Between Virtual Reality And 3d Movies
Difference Between Virtual Reality And 3d Movies

Although virtual reality and work in 3D environments sound to novel the first technologies that tried to show us images or environments with depth which began to be developed in the nineteenth century by Charles Wheatstone. Charles created the stereoscope, this device consists aof obtaining two almost identical photographs that differ slightly at the point of image taking; each eye will observe them separately and the brain will mix them into one, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Brief History Of VR

Later throughout the twentieth century, new technologies and devices were emerging that tried to develop that idea, the typical glasses with a red and a blue lens that we all know arise in the middle of the century, along with a large number of other devices, most of them focused on film industry but they never managed to penetrate the general public and fell into oblivion.

At the end of the last century, technologies began to develop intending to introduce us the virtual reality. The companies were still trying to develop devices for both leisure and industry; but due to the lack of power of the computers in the field of action and the realism they could offer were greatly limited.

In the XXI century, there was an emergence of new work tools. Moreover there was also an exponential development of the power of computers. The industries encourage to give a new opportunity to virtual reality and 3D visualization technologies. At first glance it may seem that it have the same functionality or objective and nothing further from reality. Its wonderful to see how the opportunities offered by each technology are very different!

Why Is Virtual Reality Better?

On one hand, we have the 3D viewing glasses, they are the ones that the vast majority of the public already knows, they are those glasses that work in cinemas and that allows us to see the projected film in three dimensions. We have the greatest exponent of this technology in Avatar, which offers an experience of 3D display.

It has earned great success worldwide. However, the design of this technology aims for us to sit and passively watch a pre-recorded video from the outside.

Difference Between Virtual Reality And 3d Movies
Difference Between Virtual Reality And 3d Movies

On the other hand, we have virtual reality, which creates a three-dimensional environment. Through the same we can move freely and interact the VR through a series of devices that are much more complex. They might require, at the moment, a connection with the computer to process the environment. In a nutshell and to try to establish a comparison it is like being inside the film at a 1: 1 scale and being active agents within that environment as in real life.

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