How To Make Your Virtual Reality Goggles DIY

How To Make Your Virtual Reality Goggles DIY

Virtual Reality Goggles DIY

 Gaming today is more than mere child play because adults are involved in gaming too as well. And since the quality of the games matters a great deal, one of the ways to enjoy some interesting games is by breaking into the virtual reality world. If you’re looking to buy some goggles, the good news is there a way to come up with DIY virtual reality goggles.

If you’re wondering how to go about it, it’s no rocket science. All you have to do is follow some steps so you come up with some great googles. To begin with, you have to assemble the important materials so you set things in motion. The materials include a pencil, tape, smartphone, a large piece of cardboard, and safety goggles. Once you’ve successfully assembled them, it’s time to start off the process.

Virtual Reality Goggles DIY Ideas
Virtual Reality Goggles DIY Ideas

Here are the steps to follow while making your own virtual reality goggles:

Lay Safety Googles On The Cardboard

This is the starting point. At this point, be sure to place the goggles on the cardboard in a way that they face upwards. Then make sure the height is reasonable. 5 centimeters would do just fine. Since this is the first step, and it sets the stage for the remaining stages, be sure to work things out well.

Roll Goggle Up

In this stage, roll the goggles up and move them to an end where they’re stable. Then, look at it again more closely and increase the space a little if you feel there is a need.

Tracing Platform Cut-out

Right after you’ve finished the first two tasks, proceed to slice the tracing platform and make it one piece. You’ll have a four-sided rectangular that perfectly fit around the goggles. Then, seal it with a tape and push the goggles inside.

Inscribe Smartphone Shape Onto Separate Cardboard

Pick a separate cardboard, and identify the front area. Make sure that there is a 2.5-centimeter space on both sides. Slice it out, then place the smartphone in the center. Then, proceed to cut it down to your smartphone’s size, so that it looks like a sort of window. At this point, go ahead and put this piece of cardboard on the rectangular tube that is positioned opposite the goggles.

Dial The Google Street View

Don’t hesitate to dial the google street view. Then, locate a place where you want to go and place your phone over the window.

Get Lost In The Virtual Experience

Once you get this stage, rest assured that you’ve successfully made your DIY virtual reality goggles. Turn on your virtual reality glasses and nose-dive right into your blissful world.

Virtual Reality Goggles DIY Tips
Virtual Reality Goggles DIY Tips

Rounding Up

Although making DIY virtual reality goggles may seem like an uphill task, things don’t have to work out that way. With these steps in mind, you’ll save yourself the hassle of messing up then trying things all over again. The good thing is it’s cheaper and more convenient. Just be sure to carefully follow these steps and things will work out perfectly.

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