Known Mistakes About Oculus Rift You Should Avoid Doing

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift, one of the hottest VR headsets to hit the market, is priced a little more than the Vive, which is priced a bit more than the Rift but is actually a more affordable device overall for anyone interested in high quality and immersion. The Rift is a top VR headset for the serious VR fan who is willing to spend a good amount of money for a top-of-the-line unit and headset and is able to connect a strong PC to run the many experiences that come with the system.

Oculus Rift You Should Avoid Doing
Oculus Rift You Should Avoid Doing

Oculus Rift: Differences Between The Three Headsets

Now, we are going to dig into the differences between the three headsets, what each one offers, and what option will suit your needs better. While all three products are high-end and have their benefits, they all have something unique about them that makes them stand apart from the rest. We will take a look at the differences between each one in this article.


The first difference between the Rift and the other two is in the headgear that you wear. The Rift does not offer a traditional headset strap, which means that you will need a third party to adjust your fit on a daily basis. This is a definite plus if you do not want to deal with the hassle of adjusting the strap on your own. In addition, the Rift does not come with a microphone, which can be a big deal for people who want a true sense of immersion.

The Rift also has a built-in motion tracker, which means that you can move your head around with the Rift and make sure you are inside of the virtual world when you want to. For example, you could look around a virtual restaurant or shop and move your head from left to right to check out the furniture. if you want to. With the Vive, you would move your head and have to use a separate device, such as the Vive Tracker, to do that. The Rift’s built-in tracker also allows for hand movement inside of the world, which makes it much easier to play the various games that are coming out right now.

Oculus Rift Price

The second major difference between the Rift and the other two is the price. The Rift will set you back a little bit more than the others, which means you will have to make up for that cost with the quality of the experience that you receive. The Vive and the Rift both offer similar graphics and motion tracking, although the Rift has more detailed ones. The Rift offers a comfortable fit and has a nice weight to it, whereas the Vive feels a little flimsy in comparison.

Have A Strong PC Hooked

The last difference between the Rift and the other two is in the fact that the Rift requires that you have a strong PC hooked up to it. This means that you will need a good enough system to allow for the Rift to be used properly to avoid any issues and that it cannot be used with older systems that only use your local area network to communicate with your PC.

Known Mistakes About Oculus Rift You Should Avoid Doing
Known Mistakes About Oculus Rift You Should Avoid Doing

The Rift will require that you have an extremely powerful computer to run and maintain a smooth, high-quality experience, so if you have a system that can’t handle this then you might not want to buy the Rift. However, if you have the right kind of system then the Rift will give you some really fun and interesting experiences.

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