Mouse Pads And Buying Advice -

Mouse Pads And Buying Advice

Mouse Pads and Buying Advice

Mousepads have been used by gamers for ages. In this day and age, it is no longer unusual to see gamers using the same mouse pads that were used years ago. Most of the top gaming mousepads are also top quality products, but a few still manage to get away with a low-quality material.

Different Types Of Mousepads

Mouse Pads and Buying Advice
Mouse Pads And Buying Advice

The cheap mouse pads usually come in cheap plastic which has a high tendency to peel and fade over time. There are also some plastics that don’t really allow the mouse to move as freely as it would like. The best mousepads are made of rubber or non-rubber material. They also generally come with a built-in g-sensor that helps you get a better feel for the actual capabilities of your mouse. This helps the gamer to know where the button needs to be pressed.

The built-in g-sensor is usually situated somewhere on the bottom of the pad. It allows you to have an indicator bar of when to press the buttons to help the gamer know what buttons to press. This allows the gamer to avoid button mashing and use more precise movements.

Other Popular Types

However, not all mousepads are made out of a rubber material. Some people prefer to have pads that feels like cloth and allow their mice to roll across the surface. The typical rubber material can wear off easily, even if the mouse pads were used very rarely. That is why it is important to make sure the mousepads you purchase are durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Mouse Pads and Buying Advice
Mouse Pads And Buying Advice

Make sure that they won’t get damaged easily, particularly if they are used often. You can check out some of the popular brands such as Logitech, Razer, DPI, Logitech G, Xai and other brands in the online store. You can compare the materials used to see if the mouse pad you are purchasing is made from a genuine cloth material or made from some other material.
Make sure that the pad has a zipper or Velcro to ensure the mouse stays perfectly in place.

Mousepads From Gaming Companies

Most of the major gaming companies have a mouse pad warranty but some might only have limited terms such as just on contact with water. With a large variety of colors available for mouse pads, you can choose the color that is right for you. So you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong color to match your computer case. To ensure that the mouse pad is made of cloth material, try to avoid areas that are prone to spills and splashes. Choose pads that are also made from cloth so that it doesn’t wear out too quickly.

Final Thoughts

Using mouse pads that are comfortable to your hand will also help you get a good grip on the mouse. But don’t get ones that look like that of a pajama. Buying the wrong size might be a hassle, but choosing one that looks too big will also cause you to lose the mouse. You should also make sure that the padding is not too thick, as this will also make it a little difficult to hold on to the mouse.

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