Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC

Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC

It might seem that a trash bin is the most appropriate place for an old PC, laptop or desktop, but you will be amazed if you understand how they can be restored again, if they are not older than ten years, here is some guidance which will be really helpful for you.

Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC
Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC

Experimenting With New Light Operating System

Installing a new operating system can old age pc to a brand new computer. However, here the alternative operating systems are Ubuntu, mint, elementary os, pingos, and manjaro, which are based on Linux.

Try Put Your Own Home Server With NAS

The storage in the network is known as NAS. It is basically the storage of data, which is needed to be shared with other computers in the network. FreeNAS, Tonido, Rokstor, XigmaNAS, are some software which is very useful for this purpose.

Hackling An Anonymous PC

Privacy is the most needed thing for us; here your old pc can be very useful. Moreover, the amnesic incognito live system or tails can change your computer to a dedicated privacy pc, this software is based on Linux, some of the other Linux based distros for privacy are, whonix and qubes os.

Serving Up Some Media

An old pc can be a great source to play media, theatre software as Kodi helps in that, it will be best if the software is installed in a freshly installed os.

Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC
Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC

Creating A Security Cam

You can use to monitor events with a laptop containing a webcam or an old pc along with a stray webcam. Moreover, all you have to do is install a copy of ispy. You can access these webcams by remote, which makes it easier to view.

Creating A Hotspot

If your pc supports Wi-Fi, then you can turn it to a hotspot sharing device. However, if you have a router you can connect it with your pc via Wi-Fi, and create a secondary network, with the same internet, and like this, your Wi-Fi network expands.

Contributing CPU Cycles

The basic idea’s, that your old PCs has still its own computing power, and contributing it to a CPU cycle can help to solve massive problems. You just need to set up bionic on the PC’s and let it run behind.


Older pcs are the best option for ancient games; you just need to install windows 10 in it. And you can get the games from

Turn That PC Up To 11

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith Real Tone cable Trilingual and a free copy of Guitar Rig 5 can turn your old PC’s to a guitar amplifier. Moreover, you just need a special cable to connect the guitar with the pc’s via USB port.

Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC
Some Useful Ways To Deal With An Old PC

Using For Skype

With freshly installed windows 10 or Linux, your PC’s can be used for using Skype, which thereafter, will make video conference easy.

Use At Times

You can use an old PC’s to check recipes from the kitchen.  You can also keep it for guests as they might want to see movies or more.

To Learn The Mechanism

Moreover, an old PC’s can be taken apart and put together back to practically learn the mechanism.

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