Top VR Horror Experience Facts I Amazing Facts For VR Lovers

Top VR Horror Experience Facts

VR Horror Experience

One of the main qualities of virtual reality experiences is immersion, how this technology can transport us to another place and make us believe that we are there.

The horror experiences are obviously more intense with a virtual reality viewer like Oculus Rift or Oculus Go , simply because they are able to guarantee a greater level of involvement. Oculus Rift is the most advanced VR system, built to completely immerse the user in a series of games and experiences

Vr Horror Experience
Vr Horror Experience

Hollywood studios have realized the terrifying potential of this technology and created some promotional items that transport us to the gloomy worlds of their films. Let’s see some examplesog VR horror.

VR Horror: The Spell 2

The series of films of “The Spell” (which include the chilling doll possessed, Annabelle) have generated a titanic sum for Warner Brothers studios: it is reported that the demonic misadventures of the Warren family have raised more than a billion dollars.

One of the factors that make this series of horror films so successful is that (supposedly) they are based on real-life cases. What would happen if we could take viewers to these gloomy locations with a virtual reality experience? Well, WB answered that question with its last year’s promo entitled “The Conjuring 2: Visions.”

This video 360 ° , available on multiple platforms, takes us into the house where the grisly events of the second film happen. And to really “enjoy” (if you can be called immersed in this way!) This adventure of the grave, it is recommended that you use headphones. It is important to mention why: when we use the virtual reality viewer , we can still perceive the real world through our ears.

This can lead us to lose our sense of immersion when listening to people around us, the noise of our home, etc. However, when using a pair of good quality hearing aids, our external perception fades. In this way, we are “trapped” within the virtual world.


Vr Horror Experience
Vr Horror Experience

How successful was the virtual experiment of “The Conjuring 2”? More than 2 million views only on YouTube. And seeing that this was a success, WB repeated the chilling experience for its most recent premiere: “It”.

If it is enough for people with coulrophobia to see the rugged clown out of Stephen King’s terrifying mind, imagine now walking through the streets of the small town where the story took place. And not only the town, its dark sewers, not suitable for claustrophobic. This 360 movie was already reported more than 900 thousand views on YouTube.

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