Types of Connection Options in Gaming Headsets For Gamers

Types of Connection Options in Gaming Headsets For Gamers

Types of Connection Options in Gaming Headsets For Gamers

As the technology continues to advance, gamers are discovering more ways to connect their mouse and keyboard to the Gaming Headsets that have replaced them. As a result, gamers are choosing Gaming Headsets that offer the best connectivity options for gaming. The following are the types of connection options, gamers can find with their next headset.

Phone Connectivity With Gaming Headsets

There are headsets that allow the player to take phone calls while playing. The headset connects to the player’s phone and then they can use the phone as they would use a normal headset. In this scenario, the headset may provide the player with the ability to mute the phone, skip tracks, adjust the volume and even place the call. This is a great feature that is being embraced by most headsets available.

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Types of Connection Options in Gaming Headsets For Gamers

Audio Streaming As computers, laptops and mobile devices continues to evolve, so does the streaming audio option. Several headsets allow the user to connect to the PC through the headset and stream the audio to the headset. Audio streaming will allow users to use their existing audio system to stream sound to the headset.

Gaming Headsets Unique Features

Let us explore specific features of gaming headsets

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Types of Connection Options in Gaming Headsets For Gamers

Game Mode

 This is a unique feature offered by many of the gaming headsets available. In this mode, the gamer can control what the headset is doing with a single button on the device. This will allow the gamer to control background applications, enable or disable the microphone and even enable the game support to a specific application.

Direct Input

A feature that is becoming more popular is the direct input feature. Direct input allows the headset to receive audio from the DVI connector and send it to the PC through the USB port. This means that gamers will not have to disconnect the headset when using the PC.

Audio Streams In Gaming Headsets

 This is a feature that allows the gamer to use their PC to stream their audio streams to the headset. This allows the gamer to view their audio devices in action as they are gaming. A great way to enjoy high-quality audio without having to connect an external amplifier.

Sometimes tech freaks get overwhelmed with the options available to them when they want to use a headset for gaming. The reason why there are so many different options is that every manufacturer produces headsets that are designed for a specific purpose. For example, wired headsets are used for home theater systems while wireless headsets are used by both gamers and enthusiasts.

Wired And Wireless Gaming Headsets

The difference between wired and wireless headsets is that the former is more effective in receiving audio and transmitting it through the same cable, making them a lot more versatile. On the other hand, wireless headsets are quieter and use less energy, so they are not commonly used in the home. Wired headsets are also cheaper and much more convenient.

Sound Quality

Another thing that separates gamers and tech freaks are the quality of sound that they are using. Gamers prefer quality over price, which is why the quality of the audio is often sacrificed for price. Wireless headset, on the other hand, provides gamers with the best quality audio they can get.

Before deciding on what type of headset to purchase, it is important to find out what different connections are available for your headset. For example, many of the gaming headsets available today offer a headset jack for the PC. This means that gamers will be able to plug their headset into their computer and then use them as they would any other type of headphones.

Some headset also offers a headset jack connection, but this is generally limited to their headphones only. Other headsets do not offer this feature at all, which is why you will need to determine if you will be using the headset with your computer or if you want to use it with your gaming console.

The Takeaway

Whatever the case, be sure to choose a headset that offers the features you need at the price you want to pay. Check for reviews of the headset that you are considering purchasing to get a feel for the quality of the headset. Lastly, review online gaming forums to get a feel for the various headset brands available.

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